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Our Focus

At the EK Construction Company, we are focused on three things. First, we look to streamline the construction process by minimising points of contact, and maximising communication within the owner-designer-constructor triangle. Second, we make the commitment to building responsibly, meaning that we prioritise the safety of our team members, conduct responsible waste disposal, and collaborate with designers and building officials to maintain modern industry standards and safeguards for best building and installation practices. Finally, we focus on providing a superior client experience by prioritising communication, professionalism, and partnership with all clients.

EK Construction

Successful construction projects all have three things in common:

A Commitment to Quality

Recognition of Collaboration

Trust in the Relationship

Build well, live well, and be well by building together with the
EK Construction Company

Our Leadership Team

Ean Koo

Ean Koo B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Founder and Principal

Amandeep Chohan

Amandeep Chohan

General Foreman